Diablo 4: Gold costs will work just like the recent beta

Author: www.xtmmo.net

Associate game director Joseph Piepiora confirmed in a group interview with GamesRadar that the diablo 4 gold cost of respeccing skill points and paragon points (after level 50) is “final.”

Some players have expressed worries about the increasing gold cost of resetting skill points as they level up in the game, which could make it hard to experiment with different builds as they approach the level 100 cap.

Piepiora explained that the gold income will also rise as players get closer to the cap, and that the fee serves “an important role in asking players to start to harden up their build a bit once they get to that portion of the gameplay.”

He may have meant that players won’t be able to respec multiple times a day, but only once or twice a month when they find a legendary item that changes their build.

Diablo 4’s endgame will offer various challenges with nightmare dungeons, PvP, and daily quests. A free respec would likely make players switch for every activity, but if it becomes too costly, it would also stifle the creativity that happens when people figure out fun builds like we saw in the beta.