VIP Rewards

1. Registered Members will be gaining benefits on Discount for payment, after registering you will be getting 1% discount for a fresh level 1 member. Every purchases with registered account logged in member points will be stacking according to the payment amount converted to member points.

VIP Level Points Member Discount
Level 1 0-300 Enjoy 1% OFF
Level 2 301-1000 Enjoy 2% OFF
Level 3 1001-2500 Enjoy 3% OFF
Level 4 2501-5000 Enjoy 4% OFF
Level 5 5000+ Enjoy 5% OFF

Buying Goods from us ($1 USD = 1 point), you will earn points. You will be promoted to next level if you get Enough Points.

2.Registered account with owner verification will be dealing faster on order processing.

4.registered user can be also one of our adviertisers, to gain your own discount code to stack up your commision by advertising for us.