The Latest EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Update


Added an Evolutions Overhead Indicator on/off setting found in Game Settings

Fixed the penalty kick accuracy indicator not being visible during penalty kick shootouts in Champions matches

Fixed a visual issue where a Bronze Tifo could incorrectly display for some Rivals Milestone Stages instead of the correct reward

Fixed an issue where some specific Player Item pairs could not be placed in the same squad (Gerd Müller & Bobby Charlton, Franck Ribéry & Jairzinho, and Abily Camille & Xabi Alonso)

Fixed a visual issue where the Founders Evolution could incorrectly display a Player Item that was not selected for it

Fixed an issue where exiting the Transfer Target compare price screen after bidding on a Player Item did not function as intended

Fixed a visual issue where the Quick Sell value did not always display after opening a Pack and swapping a duplicate Item for a tradable version on the New Item screen

Fixed an issue where longer Pack descriptions did not automatically scroll in the Store

Fixed an issue where exiting the See All Rewards screening Squad Battles resulted in being taken to the Opponent Select instead of Your Rank screen

Fixed an issue that could have impacted Evolution Player Item selection

Fixed an issue where Concept Items did not get automatically replaced in a Squad if a replacement Player Item was obtained through the Transfer Market UI on the Squad screen

Fixed an issue where an error message could be displayed after attempting to select a Concept Item for an Evolution