Diablo 4 beta returns in May as Server Slam

Author: www.xtmmo.net

In May, Blizzard will host a 'Server Slam' open beta for Diablo IV, inviting players to return to the perilous realm of Sanctuary to stress test the game's servers. 

This event follows a successful open beta held last month, and will feature the same content, with the opportunity to explore the prologue and Act 1: Fractured Peaks, complete quests, battle enemies and discover loot. The second open beta aims to test the improvements Blizzard has made to the servers and in-game mechanics since the previous test. 

According to Blizzard, this version of the game will be "more representative of what players will experience at launch," after incorporating feedback from previous tests. Although any progress made during the beta will be reset prior to the game's full launch in June, players completing specific objectives during the test will receive in-game rewards, including a second chance to acquire the Beta Wolf Pack.