The Races of Union of Bless Online


The Union is one of two warring factions in the world of Bless Online. After the dark ages and the Holy War, the Union formed in the south while the races of the north drove back the barbarian hordes invading their lands. Once bless online comes out, youre able to buy cheap bless online gold from, years experience of game service, your best choice.


The Amistad are humans, an alliance of southern cities that gained independence from the Hieron empire, and will stop at nothing to keep their freedom. The Amistad begin their life in Padana Village. The player heard that there will soon be a hanging at the village entrance. With the hope that it is not someone you know, you follow the crowd towards the entrance and thus your journey begins.


Aqua Elves

The Aqua Elves branched off from the Sylvan Elves a long time ago. Unlike the Sylvan Elves up north, they possess unhindered and free thoughts, and an adventurous and defiant spirit. They do not believe the elves are destined for ruin as the Sylvans, and as such they have joined with the Amistad to fight the Hieron and claim their own fate.



Tribal, strong, and fierce, the lion-like Panthera are scattered across the southern continent, but all have allied with the Union to keep their freedom, their ways, and their independence from the Hieron. Players begin in the tribal village of Saqqara, where they must undertake a coming of age ritual and prove their worth to their people.



The only "non-partisan" of Bless Online's seven races, the Mascu are a diminutive race from a far away continent, who wake to find themselves fleeing their homeland and on their way to either the Hieron Empire or the lands of the Union. Some Mascu allied with the Union, where they lead the people in commerce and industry.