The Different Changes of FUT 21 Career Mode


EA Sports appear to be making notable changes to Career Mode with FIFA 21 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with the Switch seemingly being left behind for another year and no news on whats in-store for next-gen FIFA yet. Alterations are being made to how you sign players, develop them and manage their schedules, and while not quite displaying the level of control over your squad that youd see in perennial simulation Football Manager, these changes do seem like theyll actually make a genuine difference to who the mode will be played. ( offers cheap fifa coins service, once FIFA 21 comes out, you will be able to buy / sell FIFA 21 coins at, cheap & fast delivery.)

Here are the details:

Interactive Match Sim

A new way to play through a season in FIFA 21 that lands somewhere between playing through each match and using the instant result simulation option to skip through games you just dont fancy playing. 

More Transfer Options

New ways to sign players are being introduced. Loan to buy options with both optional and mandatory fees will be available, as well as these types of deal being initiated by AI managers. When you start a new career mode, new set-up options will also be available. 

Change Player Positions

This is the most exciting new aspect to career mode in my eyes and should allow for new levels of variety when team-building. The way you develop individual players in your squad once youve signed them is also being overhauled. The new growth system will allow you to train players into learning new positions. By selecting their new position and monitoring their attribute changes in training youll be able to see how well they are adjusting and hopefully watch their stat numbers rise.

Match Sharpness

Match sharpness is a new attribute that indicates how likely your players are to perform in the most crucial moments of a game. You can increase your players’ sharpness by organising group training sessions that focus on specific situations. 

Schedule Planning

Youll now have more flexibility than ever before about what your squad does when not playing matches. Balancing rest days with training sessions will be key as you try and keep match fitness, sharpness and morale in perfect harmony. It will be an extra level of challenge on top of playing the actual matches that once again relates to the Football Manager series.