Soul Worker:Play in the Open Beta



Its time: the open beta is live and will be running until the official launch of SoulWorker.

To ensure the live release is a smooth one, we need your help. Test the game in the open beta and give us your feedback.

We will be looking at and tuning the balance during the test phase. As a result, it may well be that the release version of SoulWorker then ends up somewhat different to its beta form. We will also be testing the server stability, which may lead to server issues and emergency maintenances.

The in-game shop will only be stocked with a selection of free test items initially.

Get plenty of them, and above all, test to ensure that you actually receive the test items.

Naturally you will also receive a reward for your help; all beta players will receive the following exclusive beta items at release:

    1x Exclusive open beta title: Active Beta Tester (in-game character title)

    1x Darling Outfit (for the character of your choice)

    1x Hellanko Akasha Card (rare version of the normal Hellanko card)

    10x Bonus Keycard

    3x Power Vitamin

    5x Respawner

We look forward to seeing you in-game!

The SoulWorker Team