Path of Exile: The Abyss Supporter Packs End Soon


On Thursday February 15th (PST) path of exile will be announcing the full details of Content Update 3.2.0 and its new Challenge League. At that time we will be introducing a new set of league supporter packs which will mean that the Abyss Packs will leave the store then. Todays news post showcases what these packs contain as well as some fashion tips to help you min-max your glam factor. 

Here are some of the microtransactions featured: 

Purple Lich was featured with:

Lich Armour Set

Lich Cloak

Purple Skull Helmet

Arcane Seraph Wings

Arcane Wings

Arcane Weapon Effect

Arcane Boots

Purple Weapon Effect

Bolted Hands

Purple Necrotic Helmet

Purple Necrotic Boots

Pitch Black Bandana

Arcane Lightning Helmet

Abyss Wings

Twisted Horns

Titan Maul

Purple Weapon

Warlock Dagger

Ebony Footprints

Ebony Weapon

Purple Herald

Ziggurat Totem

Grasping Hands Pet

Raven Pet

Demon King Portal

Lich Weapon Effect

Abyssal Imp was featured with:

Abyssal Imp Armour Set

Abyssal Imp Portal

Abyssal Imp Weapon Effect

Abyss Brimmed Hat + Bandana

Abyss Helmet

Skull Hood

Abyss Wings

Necrotic Helmet

Necrotic Boots

Bolted Hands

Hydra Wings

Gloom Helmet

Gloom Gloves

Gloom Boots

Ghostflame Weapon Effect

Snake Skull

Ghostflame Boots

Demon King Wings

Face Parasite

Serpent Egg Wand

Necrotic Weapon

Acid Weapon

Imp Haste

Spectral Toad

Parasite Pet

Rock Elemental Pet

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