New Elite Skin is coming! Buy R6 Credits & Get Ready Now


Rainbow Six Sieges Canadian trap specialist Frost is getting a new elite skin, so its time and in it shes decked out as a rugged, go-it-alone trapper equipped for long treks through the Yukon.

It will be available when Operation Grim Sky launches in September, and need 1800 R6 credits for the set, so its time to buy some R6 credits at were offering cheap R6 credits for PC, 16000 Credits only cost $23.64 now, dont miss it.

The elite skin has Frost a fur-lined parka with rough stitching and polygonal camouflage. Over it, shes wearing an old-school military pistol belt, which reflects her service in the Royal Canadian Air Force. A pouch on the chest strap is emblazoned with a Canadian flag patch, and on her hands shes wearing a pair of rough-duty trappers gloves.

Frost isnt wearing any headgear or face covering in her new elite skin, and her hair is braided back in four loose rows.

The trapper theme is an appropriate one for Frost, a defender who can place her Welcome Mat snares to instantly down attackers who arent watching their step. She grew up in British Columbia, which has some of the most beautiful and untamed wild country in North America.