FH4 Credits Delivery Method: How to List Car in Auction House

Author: www.xtmmo.net

Dear Customers,

Xtmmo.net offers cheap FH4 credits now, real stock, the Forza Horizon 4 Credits delivery will be carried out through auction house, our team will buy your car in the Auction House for delivering FH4 credits to you.

Here is the delivery process:

1. We will need your GamerTag to find and buy your car to deliver fh4 credits. 

2. Better to list Legendary Car, set max buyout at 11M, set the duration at 24 hours. If you bought more than 11M credits, you just need to list more than one Legendary Car.

3. If you don't have Legendary Car or have enough credits to buy it, you can list several normal cars in auction house to reach the amount you bought, make sure every car's max buyout must over 1M, duration at 24 hours.

4. Keep online when you made the order, we will contact you by email if there is something wrong with your order.

Notice: There will be a auction tax which we wont cover.