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Fifa 19 Players

Player NameRatingVersionPositionPriceAction
Cristiano Ronaldo 99TOTYST
Lionel Messi 99TOTYCF
Diego Maradona 98ICONCAM
Diego Maradona 97ICONCAM
Kevin De Bruyne 97TOTYCAM
Kylian Mbappe Lottin 97TOTYRW
Lionel Messi 97SIFRW
Mohamed Salah 97TOTSRW
Aubameyang 96TOTSST
Christian Eriksen 96TOTSCAM
Cristiano Ronaldo 96HEROST
Lionel Messi 96IFST
Raphaël Varane 96TOTYCB
Ronaldo 96ICONST
Sadio Mané 96TOTSLW
Virgil van Dijk 96TOTSCB
Alisson 95TOTSGK
Cristiano Ronaldo 95CLST
Diego Maradona 95ICONCAM