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EA Confirmed FIFA 19 will disclose Ultimate Team packs odds



EA has confirmed that it will disclose Ultimate Team pack odds in this years FIFA. When you buy FIFA 19 coins to open packs, you will know the good players odds.

FIFA 19 will include the odds on its Ultimate Team packs, EA Sports vice president and COO Daryl Holt told Eurogamer at the Gamelab conference in Spain.

For Ultimate Team, when you buy a pack you know what you are getting. You are getting a certain number of assets that are guaranteed - and were going to start to do pack odds disclosures that'll show you the odds of what you might get, said Holt.

Thatll be in our product year 19 titles. So, at least that aspect of understanding what the chances are of getting X, Y and Z card.

Holt didnt clarify exactly what the odds would tell players, which could be a bit of an issue as packs contain both player cards of different ratings, and items.