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Animal Crossing Items



400 × Fish Baits

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10 × ACNH Items (Pick Any)

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for Switch is the latest game in the series set on a deserted island with collecting items like DIY Recipe, Crafting Materials, Furniture Sets, Villagers and so much more.

There are many kinds of items in Animal Crossing, and the question most asked by ACNH players is How to Craft & Get All Items?

ACNH encourages players to trade with each other to quickly obtain these items, but it still takes a lot of time, especially for those players who have no time to play ACNH, it is basically difficult to get the furniture item they want, such as pirate gulliver items, mermaid items & etc.

The good news is that you can now buy any acnh items at our site, cheap price, instant delivery.  Our team will meet your needs, so that you can quickly collect all the items you want and decorate island easily.

Besides, we not only sell Animal Crossing items, but also provide villager move-in service. As long as you have free empty pot, you can come to our island to invite any villagers you want at any time. This can save you a lot of time to find these villagers yourself (By using NMT). You can also buy cheap Animal Crossing NMT and Bells on our site, don't miss it.