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Fortnite Boosting

Welcome to buy Fortnite Boosting service at, we're offering Fortnite level boosting (boost EXP), our team will help you to level up for Fortnite Battle Royale (PVP), and this leveling boost service is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Mobile.

Check the below Fortnite Level EXP table, count the EXP you need and make order, our team will login your account to help you to boost EXP, and it takes about 3 hours per 10000 EXP.

Level 1-20: 22750 XP

Level 20-40: 74500 XP

Level 40-50: 62000 XP

Level 50-60: 86500 XP

Level 60-70: 121000 XP

Level 70-80: 165500 XP