How to Buy Platinum For Diablo Immortal

Author: is selling cheap Diablo Immortal Platinum for all servers, the deliver method is Auction Trade. Here is the trading tutorial:

1. Prepare gems that can be traded before placing an order, you can buy Legendary Crests to farm Elder Rift to get those tradable gems. The rarer the gem, the higher the price.

2. List your gems to the auction house, set a maximum buyout price, and make sure to set the buyout price to a special number so that we can find your item easily.

3. Calculate the total buyout price of all your gems, select the corresponding quantity to place an order on our website.

4.Please send us the screenshot of your gems after placing the order, our team will buy your items immediately after verification.

Note that we do not include the 15% auction fee, but we do offer a 20% Bonus.

If you have any other questions about purchasing Diablo Immortal platinum, please feel free to contact our customer service before placing an order.