New FIFA 22 Pro Clubs changes


Pro Clubs is one of the most popular online game modes in FIFA every year, and it is getting some promising improvements in FIFA 22.

You can now create female pros in the game and develop your player exactly how you want, choosing what style to play as and how they grow during your Pro Clubs career.

The improvements for Pro Clubs will be available on all platforms when FIFA 22 is released on October 1.

The biggest change to Pro Clubs for FIFA 22 is the option to create female players as well as male ones. This should provide greater variety to teams, with gamers now able to select their gender when they create a new pro.

FIFA 22 improved Player Growth, player Growth is now much more in-depth than in previous versions of FIFA. Player Archetypes are also common in other sports games where you can create your own player and are now part of FIFA 22.

And FIFA 22 now has additional heat maps, pass maps, tackle locations and much more to dig into at full-time, giving you a much better picture of how you performed during matches.

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