28 Starter Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Author: www.xtmmo.net

In Honkai: Star Rail, there will be 28 starter characters expected to be available in game at launch, here are the list and along with details of their key attributes.

Name Rarity Path Element Affiliation

Arlan 4-star The Destruction Lightning Herta Space Station

Asta 4-star The Harmony Fire Herta Space Station

Bailu 5-star The Abundance Lightning Xianzhou Luofu

Blade 5-star The Destruction Wind Stellaron Hunters

Bronya 5-star The Harmony Wind Silvermane Guards

Clara 5-star The Destruction Physical Prospectors

Dan Heng 4-star The Hunt Wind Astral Express

Fu Xuan 5-star The Preservation Quantum Xianzhou Loufu

Gepard 5-star The Preservation Ice Silvermane Guards

Herta 4-star The Erudition Ice Herta Space Station

Himeko 5-star The Erudition Fire Astral Express

Hook 4-star The Destruction Fire The Moles

Jing Yuan 5-star The Erudition Lightning Xianzhou Alliance / Cloud Knights

Kafka 5-star The Nihility Lightning Stellaron Hunters

Luocha 5-star The Abundance Imaginary Intergalactic Merchant Guild

March 7th 4-star The Preservation Ice Astral Express

Natasha 4-star The Abundance Physical Wildfire

Pela 4-star The Nihility Ice The Union

Qingque 4-star The Erudition Quantum Xianzhou Luofu

Sampo 4-star The Nihility Wind Wildfire

Seele 5-star The Hunt Quantum Wildfire

Serval 4-star The Erudition Lightning The Union

Silver Wolf 5-star The Nihility Quantum Stellaron Hunters

Sushang 4-star The Hunt Physical Xianzhou Luofu / Xianzhou Alliance / Cloud Knights

Tingyun 4-star The Harmony Lightning Xianzhou Luofu

Trailblazer 5-star Adaptive Adaptive N/A (Player Character)

Welt 5-star The Nihility Imaginary Astral Express

Yanqing 5-star The Hunt Ice Xianzhou Luofu