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Perfect Modded For Starters

Custom Coins Amount: (/)

Note:The Minimum Coins Amount Must >= /.

Perfect Modded For Starters - 1 / Service  $4.99

We have modded a perfect Save Game Data for The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild starters, playing with this save game data, you will have a good game experience, it's very safe and we have provided this service to many players. Both normal and master modes are available.

What you will get?

999999 Rupees, 999999 Mons

Max Hearts (30 Hearts), Max Stamina (3 Wheels)

900 Korok Seeds

Motorcycle (You need to own the DLC)

Gerudo relic remaining uses (99 Times)

Goron relic remaining uses (99 Times)

Rito relic remaining uses  (99 Times)

Set Boss/Map Pins

Full Package With Good Weapons, Bows, Shields (Unlimited durability)

Six Type Arrows With 999 Quantity

Full 4 Stars Clothes

Most Materials With 999 Quantity

Food With 999 Quantity

Add Other Important Stuff (Like Horse Bridle, Saddle)

Notice: You need to have a Nintendo Online Subscription, and we will need your Nintendo account details after you purchased, our modded save game data will cover yours, if you want to keep your storyline, please purchase our another service.