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NBA 2K21 Will Apparently Feature Three Different Cover Athletes


Details are still scarce about what NBA 2K21 will look like. The longest glimpse into the game that weve gotten so far came during a PlayStation 5 event put on by Sony, in which New Orleans Pelicans standout Zion Williamson introduced a collection of clips of himself playing in an empty gym. Still, that was barely anything other than some brief info about gameplay, and there are still a number of questions about the game that need answered.

For one, theres no word on who will grace the cover of this years game. Last year, NBA 2K20 featured Anthony Davis on the cover, with Dwyane Wade gracing the cover of the games Legend Edition. The good news is that were only a few days away from finding out this years multiple covers.

Davis appeared in a video on 2Ks official TikTok account earlier this week. In it, the Lakers star let it be known that covers will be announced on June 30, July 1, and July 2. Beyond the covers, Davis teased that info on 2K21 will come out throughout the week.

Perhaps Williamsons cameo in the PlayStation 5 event is a clue that the former No. 1 pick will make an appearance on one of the covers, and following the passing of former cover athlete Kobe Bryant earlier this year, it would just seem right to have Bean on one of the covers of this years game. This is, however, 100 percent speculation, and well have to wait until Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to see what 2k has in store this year.

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