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Monster Mashers Coming Soon, Buy Mesos now & Get Ready For it


Dear Maplers,

Monster Mashers is coming soon, here is the Monster Mashers Update Preview, its time to buy some Maplestory m mesos and get ready for it, team up with your friends to defeat monsters!

Monster Mashers will be available upon reaching lv.80, you will get a daily maximum of 3 entrance counts! (resets at 00:00 every day/server time)

How to enter?

[Dungeons]->[Monster Mashers]->(auto-battel available)

When you enter the map, there are four totems that protect the boss monster - Rex.

One of the party members will be randomly selected and that member will have to destory the totems.

The more totems you destory, the more damage you can inflict on the boss monster!

You will get rewards based on the number of monsters youve defeated.

Also, dont forget to receive weekly rewards!