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How to make money (gold / coins) in Game New World?


Amazons new MMORPG, New World, has been soaring since it was released and players have been chipping away at their levels, as the game only gets better the more you progress.

Throughout the game, youll be able to purchases items such as new weapons and houses around certain cities, and these are all going to cost you a lot of new world coins, some of you may run into the problem with obtaining gold.

Here xtmmo brings some tips about how to make money in new world:

1. Completing quests is probably the most basic tip we can provide you to make some coins in New World. But, it is primarily how youre going to be able to earn a lot of coins in a short period of time.

2. Using the in-game Auction House (Trading Post) to sell some of your items is another viable option to earn coins in New World.

Of course, if you dont have time to obtain coins, buying new world coins online is a good choice. Here we have many new world coins suppliers to provide you coins with sufficient supply and fast delivery.