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FIFA Mobile New Season 2020 launching this November


Get ready for an exciting new Season of FIFA Mobile, launching this November! With a new Season comes new features and content, and we cant wait to share the details. Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing many of these new additions, so stay posted! Buy fifa mobile coins at, low price, fast delivery.

What can I expect with the Season rollover?

We make improvements to our features, gameplay, and content each Season, while maintaining everything you love about the game. Just like in previous years, your FIFA Mobile journey will rollover into the new Season. While a new Season gives you the opportunity to build a new squad, the ability to play with your Legacy team will still be available.

What is Legacy Team?

Legacy Team will allow players to take their current Seasons Active Lineup (Starting 11) and carry it into the upcoming Season for use in special Campaign Events and challenges designed specifically for them. The higher your Legacy Team OVR, the better rewards you will receive from playing these events.

So, make sure to raise your teams OVR as high as possible before this Season ends as the Player OVRs and attributes within your Legacy Team will become locked when the new Season begins. And, ensure youve set your Active Lineup to contain the 11 players you want to be carried over onto your Legacy Team. You will not be able to change the formation of your Legacy Team, so choose wisely.

What progression carries over when the new Season starts?

In addition to your Starting 11 Legacy Team, your remaining FIFA Point balance will carry over. Heres a more comprehensive list of what resets and what doesnt:

Which items will reset?

Account Level

Roster (except Legacy Team)



Skill Boosts




League Record

VIP Level

Training XP


Which items wont reset?

FIFA Point Balance

Now and Later Packs

User Logos

Your Legacy Team

Not all devices can play FIFA Mobile in the upcoming Season - visit EA Help to make sure your device meets minimum spec requirements.