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FIFA 21 Demo Release Date and How to Get it


With the FIFA 20 season slowly reaching its end, players are looking ahead to the release of FIFA 21 towards the tail end of the year, and the first thing well be able to get our hands on is the demo.

Every year, the demo gives players a little inkling about whats to come that year. You can play as one of the top teams in the game, try out different players, see what tactics and formations are your favorites and overall get a feel for whats to come.

While we dont have any dates set in stone, were penning the FIFA 21 demo release date in as September 8, 2020, but expect it to be launched by September 15 at the latest C providing the ongoing global health crisis doesnt delay it at all. That puts it in a similar line with the release of previous FIFA demos, that appear to mostly become available on the second Tuesday of September.

The FIFA 21 demo will be available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and should be completely free on your respective platforms store.

This has been the case for FIFA releases in previous years, and there seems to be no reason to change it up with FIFA 21, so keep an eye on your consoles store as the calendars turn to September.

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