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A Few Minor Adjustments Will in FIFA 19


FIFA 19 is coming, lets see some new gameplay features that will change the way you will play FIFA 19s Career Mode. Besides, if you want to buy FIFA 19 coins cheap, will be your best choice.

Better direction

FIFA 19 will let you give your full-backs specific instructions when going on the attack.

This means you can dictate specific runs that suit your style of play and change whether the full-backs overlap the winger or underlap into the centre of the pitch.

Better marking

When defending, a second marker will appear above the player you will switch to when LB/L1 is pressed.

Locate your enemy

The mini-map has had a small yet brilliant change made.

Your opponents players will now be marked with triangles instead of the traditional circles in order to avoid confusion when in a tense game.

Defending your title

Perhaps one of the best features that will really test your abilities, is the addition of game plans into FIFA 19.

You can now plan alternate tactics and team settings prior to a match for specific scenarios, for example, if you are 1-0 down or wanting to protect a lead.

The different tactics can be switched on your controllers d-pad, so you can respond on the fly.

Defending the goal

Similarly, you will have greater control over how your defence attempts to reclaim the ball.

Pressure after possession loss, constant pressure, drop back, balanced, and pressure on heavy touch all being defensive options.